Rural-Urban Student and Entrepreneur Exchange

Moving Montana Forward by Uniting Rural and Urban Communities
and Building Entrepreneurial Spirit



After several successful years running the Rural-Urban Student and Entrepreneur Exchange, we are proud to announce that the program has been handed over to Leadership Montana for future implementation. We are thrilled that Leadership Montana is taking the reins of this important initiative.

For more information on what we did in past years with the Rural-Urban Student Exchange, keep reading! 

Great Falls to White Sulphur Springs


Imagine watching your students transform into active thinkers, eager participants, leaders. They consciously begin to cultivate strategic community networks. They realize they can truly be the drivers of their own destiny. 

That is some of what students take home from their Rural-Urban Student and Entrepreneur Exchange Experience. As an educator participating, you can: 

  • offer students real-life experiences that can both meet and enhance classroom instruction and authentic application of their learning;
  • provide the spark that sets a student on an exciting and rewarding career path;
  • ensure our young people are introduced to pathways to stay or return to Montana and lead a prosperous future. 

SEE which innovative schools have participated.

LEARN how students and teachers have applied innovation and collaboration to identify and meet a need. 

VIEW what the Exchange could look like for you:


The Exchange has engaged over 450 students, 30 teachers and 215 entrepreneurs across Montana in five years! For more information peruse our program overview. Read the 2015-2016 Report for additional program information and updates. 

For more information, contact Jim Masker at 406-522-7654. 

“As a Superintendent and educator, I have lived and worked in rural Montana and know the challenges that members of these communities face. Finding employment, health care and transportation and maintaining schools, businesses and family farms are a daily challenge. A dialogue that explores ways to enhance the well-being of all Montana’s people is a great starting point.” 

- Kirk Miller, Executive Director, School Administrators of Montana