Path to Eden

Path to Eden DVD

Welcoming New Landowners to Montana

Path to Eden is a program designed to assist landowners in transitioning into Montana’s rural way of life. With the Path to Eden resources, landowners will be better able to make informed decisions bearing in mind the needs of Montana’s communities, wildlife, natural resources and ranching heritage. If we all work together, we can maintain the Eden that is Montana for generations to come. 

The Path to Eden resources include a 26-minute DVD narrated by Tom Brokaw and a four-page Resource Booklet. These items are designed to inform landowners of the opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges that accompany the ownership of property in rural Montana. Pertinent topics such as community relations, wildlife management, noxious weeds, water rights, historic preservation, and responsible construction are all addressed by Path To Eden.

Through these tools, we hope to encourage conversation and consultation with neighbors and stimulate further research of critical points by offering contact information for helpful resource organizations. Path To Eden seeks to make land ownership in rural Montana a positive experience for new as well as existing landowners and ensure that our culture and landscape are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Path to Eden is a program of The Rural Landscape Institute, which is the predecessor organization to One Montana. 

To order a free copy of the "Path to Eden" DVD go to our Contact Us page.  

 Tom Brokaw