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Win-Win-Win Solutions for Hunters, Landowners, and Wildlife

Block Management Survey Results are now available!

One Montana has been searching for "win-win-win" strategies to improve private land access for sportsman and recreationists while enhancing wildlife stewardship and at the same time investigating new revenue sources for farmers and ranchers. This project focuses on improving landowner/sportsmen relations, which is another way of addressing urban interests in wildlife that depends upon healthy private land stewardship and good relationships between the two.

Block Management Survey - One Montana conducted a survey of hunters' and landowners' satisfaction with Montana's "Block Management Program." This program is run by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (MT FWP). However, this survey was being conducted independently of MT FWP. If you would like more information about the Block Management Program, please visit the MT FWP website. 

Western Private Land Hunting Programs - a comprehensive listing of 16 Western states' programs that encourage private landowners to allow access to public hunters.