Online Resources for Developing Video Pitches and Business Plan Summaries

Shining a spotlight on high school entrepreneurs across Big Sky Country 

This list of resources is not intended to be exhaustive. As we locate high-quality educational business resources, we will add them. We welcome your recommendations as well. 

  • The Horn Program in Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware hosts an annual business contest for high school students called the Diamond Challenge. This program provides a number of valuable how-to videos. This link will take you to the online video curriculum resources.
  • California Community Colleges sponsor a program called Doing What Matters, which includes a business contest for high school students. This link will take you to the contest homepage and provide you three videos about developing a business pitch.
  • The United States Small Business Administration provides a number of online resources to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. This link will take you to a series of descriptive how-to guides to develop specific elements of a small business. Use the ones that match the Business Plan Summary template we require for Montana Teenpreneur Challenge.
  • Shark Tank is the popular television show during which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a team of investors with the hope that one or more of the "sharks" will choose to invest in their business. This link will take you to the YouTube archives of Shark Tank episodes, which can help you to get ideas for creating your video pitch for the Challenge.