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Online Program Aims To Help Rural Montanans Access Mental Healthcare

Limited access to therapists, cost and stigma around mental health can make it difficult for rural Montanans to get the care they need. Now, Bozeman researchers are testing and adapting a new online program that’s been shown to side-step those barriers and reduce depression and anxiety for adults. Bill Bryan says people living in rural parts of the state face extra hurdles to getting mental health support compared to their urban counterparts. Bryan is the co-founder of the non-profit organization One Montana, which seeks to bridge gaps between urban and rural Montana. “If you live in Circle, Montana and you...

Outside Bozeman: Will You Be Our Neighbor? by Anthony Pavkovich

As part two of a four-part series on altruists inspired by the outdoors, Outside Bozeman caught up with One Montana’s Sarah Tilt for a conversation exploring the intersection of conservation and recreation. When not encouraging dialog about rural landscapes, she and her pups can be found hunting the Gallatin Valley’s productive farm fields. Read the full article.

Guest Opinion in Billings Gazette by Zach Brown

In 2018, One Montana started the Montana Master Hunter Program on a hypothesis: that there would be a demand for advanced education opportunities within Montana’s hunting community, and that more than a few landowners would be excited to work with respectful, highly skilled, and vetted hunters. A year and a half later, we are excited to report that our bets were right on; in fact, we hit the jackpot. Read the full article.

Improving Hunter Principles and Teaching the Ethics of Sport

Kara Lekse of Billings spends an average of 150 days every year hunting with her family in Montana. “We eat, breath and live it,” she laughed, adding that her husband’s family builds custom precision rifles through the Missoula company Snowy Mountain Rifles. Lekse grew up north of Billings in Musselshell County, where she spent a great deal of time hunting with her dad. Read the full article .

2018 Impact Statement

Dear Friend of One Montana, I am so pleased to share our first ever Annual Impact Statement . 2018 was a great year full of positive growth and success, and this report highlights three successful ongoing projects that highlight One Montana’s distinctive approach and how we are creating resiliency and sustainability across Montana. You will also notice that our colors have changed. This is part of a rebranding effort that we will be rolling out over the next couple of months. Coming soon is a new website, and later in the year a...