MTR-Videos and Summaries from 2017-2018


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Samples of Video Pitches and Business Summaries submitted by past Montana Teenpreneurs

Examples of top-scoring Video Pitches

We are making available the following Video Pitches as examples of the wide range of video production capabilities that were submitted by four of last year's winners. As you will see, some Video Pitches were highly produced while others were simply a PowerPoint with a voice recording and a video taken on a smartphone. Showing you these Video Pitches does not mean our judges thought they were perfect. Rather, our judges believed the Video Pitch component of these submissions scored well on our Evaluation Rubric.

Examples of top-scoring Business Summaries

We are also making available the Business Summaries that were written by last year's 1st Place winners. Again, our judges did not necessarily believe these were perfect Business Summaries. Rather, our judges believed they scored well on our Evaluation Rubric.

Click on the hyperlinked business name to watch these four Video Pitches. Then, click on the hyperlinked Business Summary to read what was submitted by our 1st Place winners. While watching the videos and reading the summaries, consider referring to the Evaluation Rubric to begin planning your Video Pitch and Business Summary. 

1ST PLACE - Co-winner1st-CMR-Stene& Birch

Students: Logan Stene & Emily Birch

Teacher: Travis Crawford

School: C. M. Russell High School

Business: Reduce Onset Concussion "ROC" Guards, written Business Summary

Concept: Mouthguards that transmit contact forces to athletic trainers



1st-TB-Stewart-Olsen-Madden1ST PLACE - Co-winner

Students: Savanna Stewart, Abbi Olsen & Michaela Madden

Teacher: Jody Sandru

School: Twin Bridges High School

Business: Leave Alert, written Business Summary

Concept: An app that sends text updates to loved ones along a pre-determined route.



2nd-Issac Bendon-SPS-Did Not Attend

2ND PLACE - Co-winner

Student: Isaac Bendon

Teacher: Destiny Howser

School: Sheridan Public Schools

Business: Trash Dash

Concept: Social enterprise helping aging rural populations to haul trash and large items to collection sites.


2nd-SPS-Driscoll2ND PLACE - Co-winner

Student: Jasmine Driscoll

Teacher: Destiny Howser

School: Sheridan Public Schools

Business: Elk Horn Express

Concept: The only drive-through and delivery service coffee shop between Twin Bridges and Virginia City.